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About Southbound…

Southbound is a well-established, well-known commodity around Dayton! We play a unique selection of great memory evoking Classic Rock/Deep Classic Rock songs, as well as a mix of Modern Classic Rock/Roots Rock – all that with some Southern Rock songs sprinkled in for good measure! Southbound features 5 accomplished singers focusing on strong vocal harmonies and iconic guitar riffs, which lends itself to covering all the best Rock vocal bands throughout time. We work hard to ensure all the songs we play are true to the original versions, with the occasional twist that only Southbound can pull-off. Don’t take our word for it though, check us out on our Facebook page or on YouTube, or join us at one of our upcoming events to see for yourself. If you like us, give us a call and we’ll come play your next big event.

How We Came To Be…

Success has been no coincidence for Southbound. Founding members Allen Seals, Tom & Michelle Scarpelli and Jeffrey Friend were long-time veterans of the Dayton club circuit, each with an impressive list of past bands and projects on their playing resumes, covering nearly every genre of music. The four were brought together by mutual associations with other Dayton-area musicians, and through the course of helping each other cover shows, developing friendships and occasionally jamming together, discovered they had a playing chemistry of their own that should be explored. Focusing primarily on material in the Southern Rock genre, the band began rehearsals in October of 2012 and Southbound was born.

In December of 2012, a chance meeting between Tom and Dave Benson, another seasoned Dayton musician, led to an audition with Southbound and by March of 2013 the band was working to book its first show. Southbound debuted live to a packed house at Hank’s Pub in Kettering on June 8, 2013 and has since become a fixture in the Dayton live-music scene. The Hank’s gig proved to be the beginning of great things for the band, including release of their all-original album “Hands Of Time” in March, 2015, and a full schedule of shows each year since, with the venues and crowds steadily growing.

In August 2016, Southbound welcomed drummer Steve Benson to the band when Jeff Friend departed to pursue other projects. With the line-up change, the band began to, and continues to expand its catalog to include more great classic/deep classic music in the Rock genre while continuing to feature the driving riffs, infectious hooks, and intricate vocal harmonies that Southbound fans have come to expect and enjoy. Southbound will also pursue writing and recording more original material for a future release.

Band Members…

Allen Seals


Originally From: Springboro, Ohio

Years Played: 47 years

Previous Bands: Shadowplay, Wooden Nickel, Flashback, NAIC'd Lunch, Phoenix

Influences/Favorite Players: I first became interested in guitar around 1968 - the first time I heard Mason Williams playing "Classical Gas" on an old AM car radio.  Later on, I heard Duane Allman play "Statesboro Blues" for the first time and I was hooked! My older brother also inspired me, and taught me my first three chords... so I owe a lot to him for sure...  Growing up in the '60s and '70s, there was just so much great music being made - it's hard to pin down one particular influence. Back then, we were all just trying to copy every cool lick we could and incorporate it into our playing. I'd have to say that Duane, Eric Clapton, Steve Howe, David Gilmour, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Warren Haynes are some of my favorite players.

Most Memorable Music Moments: Through the years there have been many great memories: All the 70's garage bands with our long hair and beat up, haphazard equipment; Moving on to form the band "Shadowplay" with my older brother near the end of that decade; Playing in the country/contemporary rock band "Wooden Nickel" throughout most of the '80s... I took a hiatus during the 90's, but I eventually I found my way back to what I love - exploring different musical avenues with Flashback, NAIC'd Lunch, Phoenix, and eventually, Southbound. There's a unique kinship between all musicians, and I think it's especially true in this band. Those times on stage when you're in the pocket, everything is clicking and you look over at one another and just smile... those are the moments that I think we take with us...

Dave Benson


Originally From: Xenia, Ohio

Years Played: 28 years

Previous Bands: Rockin' Mojo, Deja Mojo, Budder Face, The Has-Bens, Tarp, RayZrs Edge, Blues Power

Influences/Favorite Players: Duane Allman, Warren Haynes, Peter Frampton, Alex Lifeson.  I’ve also had the great fortune of knowing and playing with some of the best musicians ever to come out of Dayton… players in a class all by themselves, but who have been mentors and people you know you can count on.  This is one of the qualities that makes Southbound such an enduring endeavor.  We’ve had our share of tribulations in the band’s three-plus year history. But we pride ourselves on loving and respecting each other, and being a family of musicians. With a married couple in the band, a brother of a member who we’ll collaborate with for songwriting and recording, and now my very own brother anchoring our back line, that’s never been more prevalent.  We’ve always believed the sky's the limit for this band.  Opening the door to new musical possibilities and breathing new life into songs that have been the cornerstone of our success… we’re ready to launch into a whole new stratosphere.

Most Memorable Music Moments: Performing in Nashville, writing and recording Southbound’s 2015 all-original album “Hands Of Time”, and appearing as a guest vocalist on the 2013 Dixie Peach album "Blues With Friends".

Michelle Scarpelli


Originally From: Springfield, Ohio

Years Played: 13 years

Previous Bands: Phoenix

Influences/Favorite Players: Richard Wright, Greg Allman, Ray Manzarek to name a few but there are so many amazing artists … far too many keyboard and vocal influences to choose!

Most Memorable Music Moments: My most memorable concert moments have been seeing Pink Floyd Live at the Horseshoe, experiencing a Grateful Dead concert at Buckeye Lake, and hanging out with Golden Earring in Holland after watching the concert from on-stage. All amazing, amazing experiences! There have been a few “magical” party performances but the most memorable experiences have been gigging with Southbound and recording our CD “Hands of Time”. To say it’s a dream come true is an understatement… I’m over the moon! I love these guys and am so blessed to be part of this band family. I cherish performing for and getting to know our fans. It’s such a pleasure watching everybody smile, dance and enjoy this amazing experience with us.

Tom Scarpelli


Originally From: Dayton, Ohio

Years Played: 36 years

Previous Bands: Midnight Ramblers, Aftermath, Something Else, Flashback, Phoenix

Influences/Favorite Players: I've been influenced by so many people. As far as bass players, I guess I would have to say Geezer Butler and Berry Oakley. I've also been influenced by some great guitar players like Jimmy Page, Dickey Betts, Duane Allman, & Warren Haynes. Other influences would include Chuck Berry, Arthur Lee, and Ray Davies.

Most Memorable Music Moments: Creating the “Hands of Time” Album – from initial idea sessions to all the recording sessions – fantastic fun – an amazing experience! Being a part of the Southbound experience has far exceeded my expectations. Now that the band is whole again, I’m looking forward to creating our next album and expanding our catalog of cover songs, and sharing all of it with our current loyal fans and friends, and gaining many more new fans and friends.  I'm very blessed to be "living the dream!"

Steve Benson


Originally From: Xenia, Ohio

Years Played: 52 years

Previous Bands: Jasper Mills, Primo, The Misters, Headlines, Rock-O-Sonics, Dixie Peach, Rockin’ Horse, Ira Stanley & Blues Power

Influences/Favorite Players: From the very beginning my influences have always been the other musicians I associated with.  Whether it was turning me on to new records and sharing that excitement or directing me through rehearsals and jam sessions, I was always fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded, dedicated musicians who worked to become better.  I’m proud to say that the vast majority of them are still doing it today.  Those guys are my favorite players.

Most Memorable Music Moments: I will never forget being thirteen years old, straddling my 20-inch bike in the street in front of my house when a neighborhood kid rode up to us with a transistor radio blaring “Purple Haze”.  Life changed at that moment.