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Southwestern Ohio’s premier Classic Rock/Deep Classic Rock and Modern Classic Rock/Roots Rock Band!

Hello Southbound Nation!

As you have experienced firsthand at our gigs, we continue our growth into Classic Rock/Deep Classic Rock and Modern Classic Rock/Roots Rock - all that with some Southern Rock songs sprinkled in for good measure! As always, Southbound brings you those songs and vocal/musical performances that you won’t get anywhere else. We are really enjoying playing our expanded catalog of cover songs thus far, and the feedback at the shows has been truly fantastic!! We are continuing to focus on expanding our cover song catalog, so please keep your cover song ideas coming - and hopefully we’ll be adding in some new original music. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next show!

Upcoming Shows…

See You in the Spring! (if not sooner)

We are very excited to be spending the winter with our primary focus on adding to our unique selection of great memory evoking Classic Rock/Deep Classic Rock songs, as well as a mix of Modern Classic Rock/Roots Rock songs. We can hardly wait to introduce these new cover tunes to you, so don’t be surprised if you see a few shows pop up on our schedule over winter!

Please keep checking back with us here and at our Facebook page, and see you soon!!!

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